BIDC Performs for The Student & Teacher’s Appreciation Day

By BINUS International Dance Club (BIDC) • July 10, 2021

In June 16 2021, the video for the Student & Teacher’s Appreciation Day was released through YouTube and broadcasted in many other channels. BIDC is proud to have been able to join this wonderful experience, despite the pandemic raging very fiercely. In June 12, BIDC had come together with many different types of clubs, from the famous dance club, STAMANARA, and from the martial arts club, Wushu as well as others.

In the video, it was not just the students from these clubs that had participated in making the video, but also the staff, including BIDC’s dance coach. The setting of the shoot was taken at the Anggrek campus. The dance shoot was taken in the lobby and on the hallway to the Auditorium. In the lobby, STAMANARA and BIDC had joined together, and was followed on later, at the Auditorium level, along with the Wushu club, staff and others.

Due to the pandemic, BIDC had been restricted from many events that were supposed to take place, and it has not been easy to create events, as many members have not been allowed to go to offline sites yet. Therefore, it has been quite a struggle, but when it was offered this event, BIDC had tried it’s best to join, and encourage as much members to join, but still instilling Covid-19 protocols. Therefore, we are thankful and in joy that we were still able to contribute to an event.

Therefore, we thank every member from the dance club, STAMANARA, and the martial arts club, Wushu, as well as the staff who had helped us throughout the event and shooting of the video and BIDC’s dance coach including others who had contributed to the shoot.