The ‘Tari Piring’

By BINUS International Dance Club (BIDC) • April 25, 2021

Tari Piring’ is one of the traditional dances from the province of West Sumatra.

This dance is a typical dance for the Minangkabau people who inhabit the province of West Sumatra.

The movements are taken from the steps in Minangkabau silat or silek.

This dance was popularized by Huriah Adam. Almost in every ‘tari piring’ event is always displayed such as at weddings, welcoming guests, art performances and other traditional ceremonies.

Together with the saman, pendet, and jaipong dances, this dance has become a popular Indonesian dance that is often featured in the promotion of tourism and Indonesian culture.

One of our members were able to perform this dance together with another dance club in Cambodia. This dance focuses a lot upon synchronization, balance, and the focus of the dancer, as balancing the hands and body in order to dance like this is incredibly difficult, proper practice and supervision is required. If you are interested in this dance and want to learn, it is best to use a stack or paper or plastic plates first as ceramic and glass plates may break and injure you.